That was then… This is NOW!

20 05 2009

The past several posts have focused on philosophical approaches to our universe that we all share and in particular how New Media is evolving. How businesses, brands and individuals can adapt. Our world is forever changed (and continually changing) – how we view and live through the changes is critical to how we advance. As Ayn Rand stated, “Morality is the judgment to distinguish right and wrong, vision to see the truth, courage to act upon it, dedication to that which is good, integrity to stand by the good at any price.”

No matter what you believe or how many philosophies we study. I believe that my parents and grandparents taught me the value and romance of what really matters in life. I am very lucky for that! Feel the L-O-V-E . A few years ago, I wrote the following poem:

Memo To Society

My sweet society, I can’t comprehend you and your ways.
The years go by, trends forever changing, with formidable,
impressions you leave in our minds, innocent yet cruel at times,
manifesting each generation as cohorts of idiosyncratic identities.

What troubles you so? Is it the mass media showering your
vitality with an irresistible craving for lust and ferocity,
bringing an infinite quest for every conceivable desire, leaving
the need for willpower damaged as debris from an imploded building?

Where did you lose your innocence and romance? I’ve heard it was
seen in a time when my grandparents were young, singing seducing
sweet melodies to be enjoyed by all audible ears, gently whisking
worries to a place of happiness and family.

Society where are you going now? Love quickly turns to hate
in the absence of selflessness and respect, bringing us to a place
where children grow up too fast and parents can’t validate values
for living lavishly while being humble to understand basic needs.

Society you now own instant gratification beyond the wildest
imagination. Today, with so many time saving devices and no time,
I want it all and I want it now, thank you for being a raging river.
I’ll be a cork, take me downstream, how you want to control!

Today, our world has been turned upside down. Many still don’t know where they are going. Are you fighting it or being a cork? – as Dr. Andrew Barclay at M.S.U. would put it.

Success is measured by our authenticity, transparency and accepting the responsibility – keeping our integrity along the way no matter what! From a business stance, how do we collectively navigate through the aftershocks from the earthquakes that left our world fragile. “That was then…. This is NOW!” is a movement to consider being driven by Agency17. Collectively – can good people start to clear the dust from this turmoil to begin moving forward?

Agency17 and The NOW! project is leading this very movement.

Todd Smith from Agency17 discusses “that was then, this is NOW”.
Source: agency17 (Viddler)

Can an agency foster the collaboration, synergy and harmony working as something bigger and greater than itself?

Content Marketing Post by Melih Oztalay – SmartFinds Marketing CEO

2 04 2009

Please click here to read Melih’s full story… Content Marketing: It’s About Distribution

If content marketing is a “supportive method” consisting of “quality, relevant and valuable information” then the social conversations (that are in fact changing business profoundly)… must be the real culture changer for many organizations. The key and first step for a business is – listening. That is, finding the online conversations, detailing communications, analyzing the discussions, identifying and defining opportunities for before joining in on the conversation (when appropriate.)

How are you preparing for the movement of social media into your business? Are you avoiding it or cultivating leaders within your organization to take charge? Please feel free to share your suggestions and ideas.

The Power of Social Media

19 03 2009

By now, many of us have heard about the Motrin ad that went up on their website this past mid-November. Certainly, the POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA was unleashed on the Motrin brand with cries of outrage and disgust from their primary audience. Only hours after it launched, due to the huge social media outcry, was shut down for nearly a half-day. Although, the company took fast action, this goes to show how companies and brand managers need to be very keen to what is going on, at all times. Social media’s influence and broad reach demonstrates how word spreads quickly over connected networks of passionate people – like lighting, it can strike in a flash.

Times are indeed changing! Let me back this up with an interesting thought… quoting my colleague Gene Brady, who stated today on Twitter, “Could we be at the end of the Industrial Revolution? I read that since year 2002.. 3 million mfg jobs gone, & yet productivity up 80%!” There sometimes seems to be a gray area of productivity when it comes to social media. If used strategically, it is not only powerful, it is also necessary; Social Media is not going away or ending any time soon.

Today, I was searching Twitter for information about a major big three automotive company of interest and found an interesting thing happening. An individual tweeted about this particular company and apparently was not very geeked about the customer service while visiting a dealership. Within hours, this individual received a tweet from the Head of Social Media (of this very same company) in response asking if he could “help with any customer service issues.” Some people might “argue”, big deal this was only one person that he is addressing. However, the point is, if I saw it, how many others did too.

I too have been this irritated customer in the past… unhappy with customer service, sending emails to generic customer care email addresses found on the corporate site and days later receiving generic messages back apologizing. How powerful is that? That is more frustrating and counterproductive in my mind. This one single Twitter situation left me with a better feeling about this company and it wasn’t even my situation! Regardless, this major automotive company clearly understands the changing times, is being productive and utilizing the power of social media one tweet at a time!

Gene also twittered, “At any time in history, opportunities abound. Like…. right now!” I have to say, I agree!

By Doug Menzer, Social Media Director with SmartFinds Marketing