This Social Media Thing Must Make Good Business Sense

31 01 2010
This is one of my favorite social media ROI presentations:

Many times we can spend a majority our time with clients and prospects detailing:

a.) Why social media is not free

b.) The variables that highlight the resources (equaling 100% of the budget):

1. It takes people – it takes a team (a virtual “pit crew” each with a specific job to do – “the sum of all parts equals a whole” – “there is no ‘i’ in team”)

2. It takes technology – this is constantly changing

3. It takes time – “time is money”

Business leaders understand that “this Social Media thing” must make good business sense and it is our job to not just demystify it but…. help them measure ROI (e.g. the financial impact) that business leaders expect.

I like to deliver more traffic, such as logging into Google Analytics and seeing all of those green arrows including: but there is so much more to deliver. It’s not just measuring media, impressions and eyeballs.

Prospects and clients hire us not just because we sound smart – they hire us because they trust us to help improve their bottom line. Business leaders trust that we are the experts (that we say we are) and that our strategies are created to help them profit from continual growth. We can use many tactics, depending on the business objectives and needs:

• Online and offline consultation
• Social media strategies
• Clearly communicated user experience
• Content marketing
• Digital advertising (e.g. display, sponsored search)

However, I find that they want real metrics that they “can sink their teeth into.” That is the what I thrive on and there is nothing better than hearing from my clients – “Social media is going to stick around a while longer after all!”