The Ford Story

15 04 2009

The Ford Story – A twitter-conference with Ford CEO, Alan Mulally

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Alan Mulally on Twitter
Source: FordStory (YouTube)

Ford CEO Alan Mulally held Q&A on Twitter today. As Public relations is becoming the fastest-growing focal point of marketing services for many brands… Ford is recognizing and adapting with the maturing social and political dialogue made possible by new media technologies.

Search #FordCEO for more information from the live discussion with Mr. Mulally via Twitter.

What is your Ford Story?

My First F-150

My First F-150

Jay Leno Gives Detroit “Free” Laughs and Much Love

8 04 2009

Jay Leno and Chevy Camaro - Source: GM

Jay Leno and Chevy Camaro - Source: GM

In my post from this weekend, during the excitement of my annual bracket pick becoming a reality (of course, except for the outcome of the correct National Champion, ahem… Congratulations North Carolina Tarheels… Well done!) I stated, (besides GO STATE) that “Detroit is really a great place to live and work… Do these topics really matter to anyone else?”

Well, tonight Jay Leno reassured what many (including myself) already know as the correct answer to this question. Yes, Detroit (or as Jay joking corrected himself “AUBURN HILLS!” thanks to Martha Reeves for that material…) does matter to people! Leno’s free comedy show for unemployed Detroit workers opened with a jazzy performance by the Detroit band The Sun Messengers. Followed by a solid introduction from Kid Rock to the vivaciously loud cheering and proud Detroit crowd…

After approximately an hour and a half of non-stop laughs from this classy comedian, Jay summoned the lights to “see the crowd.” He then, genuinely expressed his love for Detroit and Michigan and the hard working people who live and work here everyday.

“This is one of the great American cities,” said Leno. “You guys are too close to Detroit. When you don’t live here, you appreciate it more.” Leno also thanked union members, whose parents and grandparents “created the middle class in America.” He certainly did not hold back from giving much love to a city he views possesses a deep-rooted hard work ethic, strong values and great products from our domestic auto industry.

Those from Detroit, know how to pick ourselves up after a nice sucker punch (or a few rounds of sucker punches…) It’s nice to see a good man (e.g. Jay Leno) acknowledges this too. Leno summed it up best, “It’s bad, but it’s not that bad. Things will turn around, they have before.” Thanks Jay and I agree, “God Bless Detroit.”

“Stay Up Detroit” ~ Eminem

7 04 2009

Great commentary by superstar entertainer Eminem.

Eminem’s “Letter to Detroit” for NCAA’s Final Four (CBS)

Eminem, (like other famous Detroit lovers, such as) superstar comedian Jay Leno, are expressing their love for Detroit.  Fedde le Grand’s song is stuck in my head as I write this:  [Put your hands up for Detroit, I love this city]

Jay loves Detroit so much that he announced back in March that he is doing a free show in Detroit on April 7th. Why? He stated: “I want to do a show for the, not just the auto workers, but anyone out of work in Detroit. But it’ll be free. It won’t cost you a dime. Not that I’m the greatest comic in the world, but it’s free. If you don’t like it, you get your money back!”

I was just invited to the show by a friend and brother, (THANKS EDDIE!) whose family stood in line for tickets. Gotta love this town!

The Palace of Auburn Hills

Jay Leno's Comedy Stimulus Plan - The Palace of Auburn Hills (Michigan)

Social Revolution – Objectivity vs. Subjectivity

5 04 2009

Goran Suton and The Menzer's at Ford Field - Detroit, Michigan

Goran Suton and The Menzer

The Modern Day “Social” Revolution
As the powerful advocate of liberty he was; amidst a heavy party conflict in 1800, Thomas Jefferson wrote (in a private letter), “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” Too bad Mr. Jefferson didn’t have a Twitter account! I’d love to pour through those transcripts…

Today, we are witnessing the rapid social, economic and political changes, all of which are implicated with developing technology. Through the hard work of our early and modern day Patriots – we all have a voice – subjective to the world – for all, willing and able to hear (or at at least potentially hear.) Whatever message or statement it is that we want to project.. (e.g. Go STATE or Detroit is really a great place to live and work…) Do these topics really matter to anyone else? I know they do, but not to everybody and anybody.

Final Four - Ford Field - Detroit, Michigan

Final Four - Ford Field - Detroit, Michigan

To sum this up, Jefferson et. Al. led the way for our social media revolution today. Shortly after The Declaration, “The People” set forth our Bill of Rights so that my mind, your mind and all minds are free from tyranny – at least for the moment…

Objectivity vs. Subjectivity
Recently, I was discussing my experience – or rather – listening to a gentlemen objectively explain my experiences to me – from his impartial point of view. His explanation was purely subjective by his own personal judgment from where I was sitting but his “objectivity” was certainly interesting. He reminded me of a few of my favorite lectures from my favorite and professors in college: Dr. Paul Pearsall and Dr. Andrew Barclay.

Both Pearsall and Barclay had uniquely eclectic ways of teaching, which had subjected a positive impact on how I approach my personal/professional relationships and social connections. In fact, the first book that I read by Pearsall (SUPERIMMUNITY) opened my mind to quantum physics and a “Cosmic Code” as the late Dr. Pearsall commonly referred to this matter. Barclay also lectured (in his own subjective way) about a similar existence called a super network. This goes much deeper than Twitter, FaceBook and Social Media (in general) but the large amounts of quantitative and uniquely qualitative data that these technological applications provide – are extremely useful. Just objectively sit back and “listen” to all of the information flowing out there!

“The meaningful coincidences in our lives, seeing without looking, and understanding that there are several ways of “knowing” are evidence that there is much more to us than skin and bones and days and years.” Dr. Paul Pearsall – Making Miracles (1993)

To Doug - Aloha - Paul Pearsall (March, 1997)

To Doug - Aloha - Paul Pearsall (March, 1997)