“Stay Up Detroit” ~ Eminem

7 04 2009

Great commentary by superstar entertainer Eminem.

Eminem’s “Letter to Detroit” for NCAA’s Final Four (CBS)

Eminem, (like other famous Detroit lovers, such as) superstar comedian Jay Leno, are expressing their love for Detroit.  Fedde le Grand’s song is stuck in my head as I write this:  [Put your hands up for Detroit, I love this city]

Jay loves Detroit so much that he announced back in March that he is doing a free show in Detroit on April 7th. Why? He stated: “I want to do a show for the, not just the auto workers, but anyone out of work in Detroit. But it’ll be free. It won’t cost you a dime. Not that I’m the greatest comic in the world, but it’s free. If you don’t like it, you get your money back!”

I was just invited to the show by a friend and brother, (THANKS EDDIE!) whose family stood in line for tickets. Gotta love this town!

The Palace of Auburn Hills

Jay Leno's Comedy Stimulus Plan - The Palace of Auburn Hills (Michigan)



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1 08 2010

Props Homie!

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