I’m first on Google for term ‘Freshmenz’…. But who cares!

31 03 2009

As I speak with many business owners, brand managers and marketing/advertising executives throughout the course of a week – there is a common thread in organic search engine result discussions. I’m told… “We’re already ranking #1 in the search engines for ‘xyz.'” My analytical mind approaches this naturally with the following questions, is your audience even looking for ‘xyz’? Has your ranking for ‘xyz’ boosted relevant search engine traffic to your website?

As indicated with a Google search, I am ranked for ‘freshmenz’ (one of many nicknames that I have received over the years) but – who cares – because nobody is looking, according to Google Adwords Keyword Tool results, seen here:

Source: Google Adwords Keyword Tool, March 31st, 2009

Source: Google Adwords Keyword Tool, March 31st, 2009

When it comes to successful content marketing (as in the case with social media strategies) – the first step in a successful campaign is listening: strategic planning, research and analysis. It is not all about your website (Technical Marketing, including but not simply limited to SEO), but the relevant content that exists on the Internet linking back to your website.

Many companies approach SmartFinds with the idea that they simply need help with organic search engine results for a narrow scope of key phrases. Yet, a sophisticated keyword research process – specific to their industry – determines relevant, highly searched phrases that work as excellent targets for their organic content marketing campaign. Our clients operate in highly competitive industries, so challenges vary in order to successfully feature relevant key phrase rich content for the search engines to index.

A digital marketing strategy can energize your brand by helping you becoming a relevant authority. A viable and valuable resource. While navigating and constantly researching the ebb and flow of the Internet, we uncover the unfulfilled needs of consumers and unexplored business opportunities, relevant to your goals.

An active audience – with needs and desires – needs to be constantly monitored and analyzed to drive positive results. However, this does not mean that a poor product or service will yield an ROI. Rather, the Internet can escalate your business if you understand what your audience enjoys, avoid what turns them off and engage in genuine communications.

As you pass your competitors in an increasingly ( new media ) digital world… You’ll love the results!

Would you like an evaluation of your digital strategies? Do you want to learn about your website (…how it is performing on the Internet) and how it is currently impacting your audience? Feel free to share this with others or drop me a note.

Brett’s Ford Fiesta

22 03 2009

I can’t believe you even know C3P0?

Brett’s Ford Fiesta

Brett Kopf and friends travel around the U.S. in the brand new Ford Fiesta seeking adventure and connecting people through passion.

Ford Fiesta Movement: http://www.fiestamovement.com/

Fiesta! Fiesta!

Discussion With MSU Student – Brett Kopf

20 03 2009

While doing some research last night, I came across a profile of a young man (younger than me at least) who shares some similar passions. We shared some simple introduction messages back and forth and then… bam! An interview was born! Brett is a very smart guy and I’m not saying this because… a.) He is a fellow Spartan or b.) He gave me some incredible compliments on his blog…

Rather, he is passionate about learning. Like minds always think alike. But smart minds collaborate for the sake of progressing knowledge. Glad to meet you Brett! I look forward to growing a strong relationship. Keep up the great work.

Did I forget to mention that Brett is a Social Media Guru in the making? Well we all are aren’t we!

You can read a recap of our discussion here:

The Power of Social Media

19 03 2009

By now, many of us have heard about the Motrin ad that went up on their website this past mid-November. Certainly, the POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA was unleashed on the Motrin brand with cries of outrage and disgust from their primary audience. Only hours after it launched, due to the huge social media outcry, motrin.com was shut down for nearly a half-day. Although, the company took fast action, this goes to show how companies and brand managers need to be very keen to what is going on, at all times. Social media’s influence and broad reach demonstrates how word spreads quickly over connected networks of passionate people – like lighting, it can strike in a flash.

Times are indeed changing! Let me back this up with an interesting thought… quoting my colleague Gene Brady, who stated today on Twitter, “Could we be at the end of the Industrial Revolution? I read that since year 2002.. 3 million mfg jobs gone, & yet productivity up 80%!” There sometimes seems to be a gray area of productivity when it comes to social media. If used strategically, it is not only powerful, it is also necessary; Social Media is not going away or ending any time soon.

Today, I was searching Twitter for information about a major big three automotive company of interest and found an interesting thing happening. An individual tweeted about this particular company and apparently was not very geeked about the customer service while visiting a dealership. Within hours, this individual received a tweet from the Head of Social Media (of this very same company) in response asking if he could “help with any customer service issues.” Some people might “argue”, big deal this was only one person that he is addressing. However, the point is, if I saw it, how many others did too.

I too have been this irritated customer in the past… unhappy with customer service, sending emails to generic customer care email addresses found on the corporate site and days later receiving generic messages back apologizing. How powerful is that? That is more frustrating and counterproductive in my mind. This one single Twitter situation left me with a better feeling about this company and it wasn’t even my situation! Regardless, this major automotive company clearly understands the changing times, is being productive and utilizing the power of social media one tweet at a time!

Gene also twittered, “At any time in history, opportunities abound. Like…. right now!” I have to say, I agree!

By Doug Menzer, Social Media Director with SmartFinds Marketing